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Lunar New Year Gifts

2023 New Year of Rabbit Red String

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Allnice Rabbit Mascot Plush Toy 2023 Chinese New Year

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82 Pcs Chinese New Year Party Decorations

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2023 Chinese Calendar Monthly

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Angela&Alex Chinese New Year Dragon

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KSIPZE 100ft Led Strip Lights (2 Rolls of 50ft)

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Auihiay 9 Pieces Chinese New Year Banner Set

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Romantic Message in Bottle to Give Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Biubee 25 Pcs Chinese New Year Scratch Off Fortune Cards

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16 Pcs Chinese Lucky Coins Decorations

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LEGO Spring Lantern Festival 80107 Building Kit

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24 Pcs Happy 2023 Chinese New Year Party Supplies

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Some more gift ideas


Wish Good Luck & Good Fortune to Loved Ones With Lunar New Year Gifts Ideas

The biggest festival celebrated in China is the Chinese New year or Spring Festival. It is also known as Lunar New Year as it is the beginning of the new year on the traditional lunar Chinese calendar. It begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20th February. It is considered the most auspicious day, and giving gifts is essential. Giving and receiving the best lunar new year gifts is part of the celebration.


On new year’s eve, people enjoy delicious meals with extended family and friends. They eat dumplings and fish as it is considered the best food to eat in the Chinese new year. They also exchange beautiful and unique lunar new year gifts. Gifts are given to adults, kids, friends, etc., to show affection, love, and gratitude. We have selected some of the most promising and the best lunar new year gifts for all loved ones. Here you will find the remarkable lunar new year gifts ideas to surprise your loved ones. 


It is the season of giving gifts and indulging in scrumptious meals, as it brings good luck and good fortune. However, you should select lunar new year gifts to send to loved ones with a keen eye and the Chinese cultural point of view. You cannot choose anything to give to your loved ones. Predominantly black and white color is considered inauspicious. The most auspicious colors are red, gold, and yellow. We have curated unique lunar new year gifts ideas for loved ones keeping all these things in mind. Therefore, go ahead and select the best lunar new year online for your parents, grandparents, friends, etc.

Best Lunar New Year Gifts for Seniors, Kids, Friends & Colleagues

When you visit your relatives or friends during the Chinese new year, you take the best lunar near year gifts to wish them good luck and fortune. You give red envelopes, alcohol, cigarettes, tea, fruits, and healthy food. The gifts are planned mostly around these categories. 


Chinese Lunar New Year Gifts for Seniors - You can give your parents, grandparents, and relatives the best lunar new year gifts. The best choice of lunar new year gifts to send to adults are healthy foods, a massage chair, clothes, etc. You can also select gifts as per their hobbies or interests. We have handpicked the unique lunar new year gifts for all your seniors so that you can choose gifts within a few minutes. They will love to have these mesmerizing lunar new year gifts online.


Best Lunar New Year Gifts for Kids - You can select the fantastic lunar new year gifts online for kids. With the best lunar new year gifts such as toys, gift baskets of candies, snacks, and other goodies that children love, you can amaze all the kids. We have come up with unique lunar new year gifts ideas for kids. Let children make merry and have all the fun on the special day of the new year.


Fantastic Lunar New Year Gifts online for the Party Hosts - When your extended family members, friends, or colleagues invite you for the new year party. You can surprise them with remarkable lunar new year gifts ideas. However, you should take the best lunar new year gifts in pairs. It is considered lucky. On the other hand, single gifts are considered unlucky. So, remember to take new year gifts in pairs when you visit your family and friends on the Chinese New Year.


Personalized and Unique Lunar New Year Gifts for Significant Other - We have curated the exclusive and unique lunar new year gifts ideas for your significant other. Be it your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, you can choose the perfect lunar new year gifts online for them. Show them how much you adore the best lunar new year gifts that we have handpicked. We have selected the lunar new year gifts with cultural significance and the latest trends in mind.

Most Popular & Unique Lunar New Year Gifts to Exchange With Loved Ones

Chinese new year is of great cultural and historical significance. It is the beginning of the spring season. It is celebrated on a grand scale across China and its neighboring countries. On new year’s eve, all the family members and friends reunite and have a gala celebration. They eat delicious food, burn crackers, perform dragon and lion dances and give gifts to loved ones. These dances are performed for good luck, drive evil spirits away and multiply the joy of the festival. Chinese new year celebrations last for almost 16 days. 


One of the most favored and the best lunar new year gifts is giving red envelopes. The red envelope has money inside it that brings luck and good fortune. And the money inside the red envelope is called “lucky money.” It is a go-to and the best lunar new year gifts ideas. When you are short of lunar new year gifts ideas, you can give your loved ones a red envelope. However, we have developed unique lunar new year gifts ideas. You can pick the best and unique lunar new year gifts of your choice for loved ones. Therefore, go ahead and choose the perfect lunar new year gifts to send to your dearest people in the Chinese new year.  

List of Handpicked & Thoughtful Lunar New Year Gifts Online

Feng Shui Coins for Wealth and Success (GJMY Store) - These feng shui coins make one of the best Chinese new year gifts for loved ones. The five emperor coins signify wealth, success, prosperity, and good fortune. These tied coins can be placed in the kitchen, on the door, office, or in a car. You can give them to your family and friends as a lucky charm and wish them prosperity and good fortune on new year’s eve. It is the best Chinese new year gift for people who love to decorate their homes with auspicious and great-looking items.


Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Reusable Chopsticks (ZOMCHAIN Store) - This chopsticks gift set will make an incredible new year gift for loved ones. They are traditional and stylish chopsticks and come with a carry bag. They are healthy, safe, and elegantly designed. And are made of high-quality natural wood. They are easy to use and are ideal for both adults and kids. You can use them at home, office, camping, etc. They come in a beautiful gift box. 


Chinese Lucky Money Red Envelopes (Ellzk) - The best quality pearl paper is used to make these Chinese red envelopes. There are six different styles: a gold colour ox and various Chinese characters. You can give these red envelopes to loved ones to wish them luck, prosperity, happiness, health, wealth and good fortune. They are the best monetary go-to gifts for the Chinese new year. You can fill them with money and give it to kids and adults. 


Stuffed Animal Luck Tiger Toy (Gloveleya Store) - This cute stuffed tiger toy is best for decoration at a party, home decor or car decoration. Beautiful Chinese words “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” on it mean good luck and good fortune in the next year. Go ahead and amaze your loved ones with this adorable tiger toy. And it enhances the look and feel of party or home with its cuteness and red colour. 


Barbie Signature Lunar New Year Doll (Barbie) - This signature barbie doll wearing red satin Cheongsam Dress with accessories is a beautiful new year gift for kids. With this beautiful doll, Barbie has honoured the history and elegance of the Lunar New Year. This doll comes in elegant packaging and is ready for gifting your kids or relatives’ kids. The lunar new year Barbie doll is wearing a red satin cheongsam with Chinese knot style buttons and a peony print. This doll symbolises prosperity and good fortune. The packaging includes a doll stand and certificate of authenticity.


Story of Nian 80106 Building Kit (LEGO Store) will make one of the best educational lunar new year gift toys for kids. In a fun way, children can learn the story of Nian and understand the culture and tradition. It is a 1067 piece set for children above eight years. The building has traditional Asian-styler residence features in a snowy scene. It also contains a nian creature with a moveable head, mouth, and tail. There are step-by-step instructions mentioned so the children can build it quickly. 


These are the few handpicked and most loved lunar new year gifts. Anyone would love to have these beautiful gifts. These gifts signify health, wealth, prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. You can surprise any of your loved ones, whether adults or kids. Make the most of the Chinese new year and spread joy and love in the lives of loved ones with these mesmerizing gifts. Let the charm of your gifts continue for the whole year and bring good fortune to loved ones. Celebrate the lunar new year with lots of happiness and fun with the dearest people.